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This World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) list includes prior and scheduled Worldcons. The data is maintained by the Long List Committee, a World Science Fiction Society sub-committee.


  • Name – a convention is normally listed by the least confusing version of its name. This is usually the name preferred by the convention, but fannish tradition is followed in retroactively numbering the first Worldcon in a series 1 (or I or One).
  • Guests of honor – custom in designating guests of honor has varied greatly, with some conventions giving specific titles (Fan, Pro, Australia, US, Artist, etc.) and some simply call them all guests of honor. Specific labels have been used where they existed, as have regional variants in spelling.
  • Size – where available, this column records two numbers: how many paying members attended the Worldcon and how many total members there were (in parentheses). The available data is very incomplete and imprecise and many of these numbers are probably substantially in error.
  • No Worldcons were held between 1942 and 1945 due to World War II.
Year Name City Country Guests of honor Size
1st 1939 Nycon I New York, New York US Frank R. Paul 200
2nd 1940 Chicon I Chicago, Illinois US E. E. "Doc" Smith 128
3rd 1941 Denvention I Denver, Colorado US Robert A. Heinlein 90
4th 1946 Pacificon I Los Angeles, California US A. E. van Vogt
E. Mayne Hull
5th 1947 Philcon I Philadelphia, Pennsylvania US John W. Campbell, Jr. 200
6th 1948 Torcon I Toronto, Ontario Canada Robert Bloch (pro)
Bob Tucker (fan)
7th 1949 Cinvention Cincinnati, Ohio US Lloyd A. Eshbach (pro)
Ted Carnell (fan)
8th 1950 Norwescon Portland, Oregon US Anthony Boucher 400
9th 1951 Nolacon I New Orleans, Louisiana US Fritz Leiber 190
10th 1952 TASFiC (Chicon II) Chicago, Illinois US Hugo Gernsback 870
11th 1953 Philcon II Philadelphia, Pennsylvania US Willy Ley 750
12th 1954 SFCon San Francisco, California US John W. Campbell, Jr. 700
13th 1955 Clevention Cleveland, Ohio US Isaac Asimov (pro)
Sam Moskowitz (mystery GoH)
14th 1956 NyCon II New York, New York US Arthur C. Clarke 850
15th 1957 Loncon I London UK John W. Campbell, Jr. 268
16th 1958 Solacon South Gate, California US Richard Matheson 211
17th 1959 Detention Detroit, Michigan US Poul Anderson (pro)
John Berry (fan)
18th 1960 Pittcon Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania US James Blish 568
19th 1961 Seacon Seattle, Washington US Robert A. Heinlein 300
20th 1962 Chicon III Chicago, Illinois US Theodore Sturgeon 730
21st 1963 Discon I Washington, D.C. US Murray Leinster 600
22nd 1964 Pacificon II Oakland, California US Leigh Brackett (pro)
Edmond Hamilton (pro)
Forrest J Ackerman (fan)
23rd 1965 Loncon II London UK Brian W. Aldiss 350
24th 1966 Tricon Cleveland, Ohio US L. Sprague de Camp 850
25th 1967 Nycon 3 New York, New York US Lester del Rey (pro)
Bob Tucker (fan)
26th 1968 Baycon Berkeley, California US Philip José Farmer (pro)
Walter J. Daugherty (fan)
27th 1969 St. Louiscon St. Louis, Missouri US Jack Gaughan (pro)
Eddie Jones (fan)
28th 1970 Heicon '70 Heidelberg West Germany E. C. Tubb (UK)
Robert Silverberg (US)
Herbert W. Franke (Germany)
Elliot K. Shorter (fan)
29th 1971 Noreascon I Boston, Massachusetts US Clifford D. Simak (pro)
Harry Warner, Jr. (fan)
30th 1972 L.A.con I Los Angeles, California US Frederik Pohl (pro)
Buck & Juanita Coulson (fan)
31st 1973 Torcon II Toronto, Ontario Canada Robert Bloch (pro)
William Rotsler (fan)
32nd 1974 Discon II Washington, D.C. US Roger Zelazny (pro)
Jay Kay Klein (fan)
33rd 1975 Aussiecon 1 Melbourne, Victoria Australia Ursula K. Le Guin (pro)
Susan Wood (fan)
Mike Glicksohn (fan)
Donald Tuck (Australian)
34th 1976 MidAmeriCon Kansas City, Missouri US Robert A. Heinlein
George Barr (fan)
35th 1977 SunCon Miami Beach, Florida US Jack Williamson (pro)
Robert A. Madle (fan)
36th 1978 IguanaCon II Phoenix, Arizona US Harlan Ellison (pro)
Bill Bowers (fan)
37th 1979 Seacon '79 Brighton UK Brian Aldiss (UK)
Fritz Leiber (US)
Harry Bell (fan)
38th 1980 Noreascon Two Boston, Massachusetts US Damon Knight (pro)
Kate Wilhelm (pro)
Bruce Pelz (fan)
39th 1981 Denvention Two Denver, Colorado US Clifford D. Simak (pro)
C.L. Moore (pro)
Rusty Hevelin (fan)
40th 1982 Chicon IV Chicago, Illinois US A. Bertram Chandler (pro)
Frank Kelly Freas (pro)
Lee Hoffman (fan)
41st 1983 ConStellation Baltimore, Maryland US John Brunner (pro)
David A. Kyle (fan)
42nd 1984 L.A.con II Anaheim, California US Gordon R. Dickson (pro)
Dick Eney (fan)
43rd 1985 Aussiecon Two Melbourne, Victoria Australia Gene Wolfe (pro)
Ted White (fan)
44th 1986 ConFederation Atlanta, Georgia US Ray Bradbury (pro)[1]
Terry Carr (fan)
45th 1987 Conspiracy '87 Brighton UK Doris Lessing (UK)
Alfred Bester (US)
Boris and Arkady Strugatsky (USSR)
Jim Burns (artist)
Ray Harryhausen (film)
Joyce Slater and Ken Slater (fan)
David Langford (special fan)
46th 1988 Nolacon II New Orleans, Louisiana US Donald A. Wollheim (pro)
Roger Sims (fan)
47th 1989 Noreascon 3 Boston, Massachusetts US Andre Norton (pro)
Betty and Ian Ballantine (pro)
The Stranger Club (fan)
48th 1990 ConFiction The Hague Netherlands Harry Harrison (pro)
Wolfgang Jeschke (pro)
Joe Haldeman (pro)
Andrew I. Porter (fan)
49th 1991 Chicon V Chicago, Illinois US Hal Clement (pro)
Martin H. Greenberg (pro)
Richard Powers (pro)
Jon and Joni Stopa (fan)
50th 1992 MagiCon Orlando, Florida US Jack Vance (pro)
Vincent Di Fate (artist)
Walter A. Willis (fan)
51st 1993 ConFrancisco San Francisco, California US Larry Niven
Alicia Austin
Tom Digby (fan)
Jan Howard Finder
Mark Twain (Dead GoH)
52nd 1994 ConAdian Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada Anne McCaffrey (pro)
George Barr (artist)
Robert Runte (fan)
53rd 1995 Intersection Glasgow, Scotland UK Samuel R. Delany (writer)
Gerry Anderson (media)
Les Edwards (artist)
Vin¢ Clarke (fan)
54th 1996 L.A.con III Anaheim, California US James White (writer)
Roger Corman (media)
Elsie Wollheim (special)
Takumi and Sachiko Shibano (fan)
55th 1997 LoneStarCon 2 San Antonio, Texas US Algis Budrys (pro)
Michael Moorcock (pro)
Don Maitz (artist)
Roy Tackett (fan)
56th 1998 BucConeer Baltimore, Maryland US C. J. Cherryh
Milton A. Rothman
Stanley Schmidt
Michael Whelan
J. Michael Straczynski (special)
57th 1999 Aussiecon Three Melbourne, Victoria Australia Gregory Benford, author
George Turner, author
Bruce Gillespie, fan
58th 2000 Chicon 2000 Chicago, Illinois US Ben Bova (author)
Bob Eggleton (artist)
Jim Baen (editor)
Bob & Anne Passovoy (fan)
59th 2001 Millennium Philcon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania US Greg Bear (author)
Stephen Youll (artist)
Gardner Dozois (editor)
George H. Scithers (fan)
60th 2002 ConJosé San Jose, California US Vernor Vinge (author)
David Cherry (artist)
Bjo & John Trimble (fan)
Ferdinand Feghoot (imaginary)
61st 2003 Torcon 3 Toronto, Ontario Canada George R. R. Martin (author)
Frank Kelly Freas (artist)
Mike Glyer (fan)
Robert Bloch (GoHst of Honor)
62nd 2004 Noreascon 4 Boston, Massachusetts US Terry Pratchett (pro)
William Tenn (pro)
Jack Speer (fan)
Peter Weston (fan)
63rd 2005 Interaction Glasgow, Scotland UK Greg Pickersgill
Christopher Priest
Robert Sheckley
Lars-Olov Strandberg
Jane Yolen
64th 2006 L.A.con IV Anaheim, California US Connie Willis (Author)
James Gurney (Artist)
Howard DeVore (fan)
Frankie Thomas (Special)
65th 2007 Nippon 2007 Yokohama Japan Sakyo Komatsu (author)
David Brin (author)
Takumi Shibano (fan)
Yoshitaka Amano (artist)
Michael Whelan (artist)
66th 2008 Denvention 3 Denver, Colorado US Lois McMaster Bujold (pro)
Tom Whitmore (fan)
Rick Sternbach (artist)
67th 2009 Anticipation Montréal, Québec Canada Neil Gaiman (pro)
Elisabeth Vonarburg (pro)
Taral Wayne (fan)
David Hartwell (editor)
Tom Doherty (publisher)
68th 2010 Aussiecon Four Melbourne, Victoria Australia Kim Stanley Robinson (author)
Robin Johnson (fan)
Shaun Tan (artist)
69th 2011 Renovation Reno, Nevada US Tim Powers
Ellen Asher
Boris Vallejo
Charles N. Brown (in memoriam)
70th 2012 Chicon 7 Chicago, Illinois US Mike Resnick (author)
Rowena Morrill (artist)
Story Musgrave (astronaut)
Peggy Rae Sapienza (fan)
Jane Frank (agent)
Sy Liebergot (special guest)
John Scalzi (toastmaster)
71st 2013 LoneStarCon 3 San Antonio, Texas US Ellen Datlow
James Gunn
Willie Siros
Norman Spinrad
Darrell K. Sweet (in memoriam)
Paul Cornell (toastmaster)
Leslie Fish
Joe R. Lansdale
72nd 2014 Loncon 3 London UK Iain M. Banks (in memoriam)
John Clute
Chris Foss
Malcolm Edwards
Jeanne Gomoll
Robin Hobb
Bryan Talbot
73rd 2015 Sasquan Spokane, Washington US Brad Foster
David Gerrold
Vonda McIntyre
Tom Smith
Leslie Turek
74th 2016 MidAmeriCon II Kansas City, Missouri US Kinuko Y. Craft
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Tamora Pierce
Michael Swanwick
75th 2017 Worldcon 75[4] Helsinki Finland John-Henri Holmberg
Nalo Hopkinson
Johanna Sinisalo
Claire Wendling
Walter Jon Williams
76th 2018 Worldcon 76 in San Jose[6] San Jose, California US Spider Robinson
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Pierre Pettinger
Sandy Pettinger
Edgar Pangborn
77th 2019 Dublin 2019 - An Irish Worldcon Dublin Ireland Diane Duane
Ginjer Buchanan
Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Ian McDonald
Steve Jackson
Bill and Mary Burns
78th 2020 CoNZealand Wellington New Zealand Mercedes Lackey
Larry Dixon
Greg Broadmore
Rose Mitchell
0 (held virtually)
79th 2021 DisCon III Washington, D.C. US John Harris
Nancy Kress
Malka Older
Sheree Renée Thomas
Ben Yalow
2,359 in-person
1,197 virtual
80th 2022 Chicon 8 Chicago, Illinois US Tananarive Due
Steven Barnes
Edie Stern and Joe Siclari
Erle Korshak
Annalee Newitz and Charlie Jane Anders
Charles de Lint
Floyd Norman
3,574 in-person
1,150 virtual
81st 2023 Chengdu Worldcon 81st Chengdu China Cixin Liu
Sergey Lukianenko
Robert J. Sawyer
82nd 2024 Glasgow 2024 Glasgow UK Chris Baker
Claire Brialey
Mark Plummer
Ken MacLeod
Nnedi Okorafor
Terri Windling
83th 2025 Seattle Worldcon 2025 Seattle, Washington US Martha Wells
Donato Giancola
Bridget Landry
Alexander James Adams

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